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Top five tablets of 2015


Most of us in the UK use some kind of device every single day and in the last ten years the amount of people that choose to use a tablet over anything else has quadrupled. So, when we and our families are using tablets so regularly it’s not surprising that people would be interested in knowing which ones are the best. Take a look at the top five for 2015.

1. The iPad Air 2- There’s no surprise that the iPad Air 2 made the number one spot. Not only does it look fantastic but it’s fast, reliable and packed out with features that can make you fall in love instantly. Costing around £400 at its most basic, this tablet is a real investment that will last years. Another great point to this is you won’t want to upgrade to soon either- it’s going to take a long time for anyone to beat this little beauty.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S- If an Apple device doesn’t take your fancy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is definitely a crowd pleaser. Available in different sizes, this tablet has a range of great features to rival the iPad Air 2 and being an android, it has a longer battery life. The screen clarity is fantastic and the tablet looks smart.

3. The Sony Xperia Z3- Sony is a brand that many people have come to trust over the years and that somewhat makes up for the poor screen quality on this tablet. Having said that, the tablet is waterproof and fantastic when used as an e-reader. When the kids want something for watching videos or playing games, this is the best pick!

4. The Sony Xperia Z2- This tablet is a great choice for the money. It’s an all-round family tablet so it’s ideal for mum when she wants to read, dad when he wants to catch up on the sports and the kids when they want to watch a movie. It’s a wear and tear tablet so you don’t need to worry too much about setting it down next to a toddler with a drink or having it in the kitchen while the pots and pans are bubbling.

5. The Nexus 9- With a wider viewing screen the Nexus 9 makes using it a pleasure. It is priced fairly and realistically, has fantastic audio but its storage isn’t as large as some of the others.

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