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Top Free iPhone Games


Top Free iPhone Games

Free iPhone games are a great way of taking a break from life and even greater for keeping the kids entertained. There’s a fantastic variety to choose from so here’s a list of some of the top free games on the market right now.

1. Vainglory- This fun and intriguing game has some amazing graphics. You can choose to play the game with some of the free characters on offer or you can pay to use a different warrior. Get ready for lots of action, enemies to destroy and missions to complete. A delightful game for all the family.

2. Run, Sackboy, Run!- On first appearance this game looks like it’s for kids but adults can have as much fun with it. The object of the game is to help your character run, over and past obstacles while collecting bubbles and escaping the monster that’s always right behind you. As simple as it sounds, the game can actually become quite difficult and you may just find yourself pulling your hair out and asking your five old child to do it for you.

3. Watercolors- If you’re looking something a little more relaxing, this is the game for you! To win at watercolours you must use the colours you’re given on your pallet to match the colour in the centre of the screen. This may mean mixing colours to get the right tone. The lowest number of brush strokes used will get you the most points.

4. Spaceteam- Do you like playing games with others? Some people find playing on their own boring and if that’s the case, Spaceteam is for you. As a member of the team, you’ll be given instructions but you may not be able to carry them out yourself; you may have to tell a team mate to do it. This means that you have to work closely together to complete each and every task.

5. Only One- Is fantasy more of your thing? Why not try out Only One? With a fantasy world and swords at the ready, it’s really impossible to dislike this free game. You’ll make your way around the game with an onscreen joystick and you’ll need to be prepared to fight other warriors, archers, wizards and creatures. If that isn’t dangerous enough, beware of how addictive this game can be!

You’ll find all of these games on your iPhone via the app store but always read the fine print before downloading the games so you aren’t tricked into spending money you don’t want to spend as you play.

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