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Top Music Apps For Smartphones


Top Music Apps for Smartphones

There are so many different music apps out there for smartphones that it would take you a lifetime to sift through them all and find the ones that provide you with the best of everything. It can be utterly mind boggling when you see how many music apps there are to choose from so we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing the search down for you. Here are the top five music apps for smartphones:

1. Google Play Music- Available on iOS and Android, Google Play does everything you would expect from it. You’ll have online access to your music library 24/7, hand-picked playlist suggestions, radio stations at the ready and you’ll be given an array of choices based on your music taste. It’s easy to use so you won’t find yourself screaming at your phone because the app has a mind of its own.

2. Shazam- Shazam has been an answer to many a headache! You know how annoying it is when you hear a song but you can’t think of the artist or the title? Well, Shazam has put a stop to that. The app can recognise songs and TV shows in seconds which means your brain is saved from the endless searching and you’ll be presented with ways of listening to or purchasing the track.

3. Spotify- This app has a catalogue of music that’s big enough to keep the whole family entertained for decades. It is the most used streaming facility for both singles and albums. When you want to create a playlist that’s entirely your own taste, this is the app to use.

4. Vevo- Sometimes it’s nice to watch the music videos as they play and enter a world where there are no worries and responsibilities. With Vevo, you can enjoy some of the newly released music videos from some of the top artists in the world. This includes HD videos and live performances.

5. Pandora- Ever fancied having your own radio station where you play only music that you choose and you don’t have to listen to adverts or radio show hosts babble on about boring subjects before they play the next song? Well, that’s essentially what Pandora can do for you. The app will play songs based on your taste and your feedback will allow the app to get better every time!

All of these apps can be downloaded for free so all you have to do now is choose which one!

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