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Top personalised gifts for the man in your life


Top personalised gifts for the man in your life

Perhaps you are looking for ideas for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Perhaps you simply want to show one of the men in your life that they are special and give them a gift that really means something. Whatever your reason for wanting to give a gift, deciding that you are going to give your loved one something special is probably the easiest part of the process. What you need to do now is the hard part: find something that the man in your life will truly love, and which is really special and personal. There is nothing more personal than a personalised gift, but sometimes these can come off a bit tacky. Here are some ways to impress and thrill the man in your life with a personal gift from the heart.

Personalised phone cover

At, you can make personalised phone covers using a range of colours, images, clip art and wording, to create the perfect phone cover for anyone. You can choose phone covers for a huge range of different types of phones, including iphone cases, and then make your phone case using the tools available on the site. It is really easy to do, and doesn’t take very long. On top of this, you can make it even more personal by uploading your own photos and images! This type of gift is something that your loved one will really enjoy and remember, because they’ll see it every time they look at their phone!

Personalised beer or spirits

These ideas have become a little more popular over the past few years, meaning that it is easy to find websites and shops where you can buy personalised alcohol. All you need to do is decide which kind of beer or spirit your loved one would really enjoy, and then put their name and your message on the bottle, so that they will think of you whenever they enjoy their drink. You could team this gift with some of their favourite cheese and crackers, for a more grown up version.

Subscription to a club they would enjoy

Although this isn’t personalised as such, it is a custom gift which is only for the person that you are buying it for, rather than available to everyone. Just work out what their favourite hobbies and interests are, and look for a club that matches this. You could choose music, books, beer, sports, gadgets - anything that you believe the man in your life will continue to be interested in for a long time to come. For more expensive clubs, why not give them a three month subscription which they can then decide whether or not they want to stick with after the time is up?
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