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Top Smart watches in 2014


Smartwatches are relatively new technology, offering users the ability to operate functions of their smartphone from their wrist, whilst it remains snugly in the pocket. As the market is in its infancy at the moment, the full potential of these devices has yet to be realised. However, what is apparent is that smartwatches offer far more than most phone accessories, with a new interface and a way to get the best out of your smartphone. We take a look at some of the best smartwatches available.

Pebble Smartwatch

Considered by many to be at the top of the market when it comes to the smartwatch, the Pebble is unquestionably the best-selling model available. Setting records for sourcing crowd funding on website, Kickstarter, the Pebble has been incredibly popular ever since. It could be argued that without this trailblazer, there wouldn't be the appetite in the marketplace for smartwatches. Amongst the most powerful smartwatches in terms of technical specifications, the Pebble continues to be clamoured for by fans of the new technologies.

Martian Smartwatch

With a name that sounds truly out of this world, the Martian works as an extension to your smartphone. This is slightly different from the way in which the Pebble works in that the former is a more standalone product whilst the latter is made to become part of the way you interact with your smartphone itself. The Martian gives users the opportunity to control their smartphone hands free, displaying alerts and messages received and even allowing you to control the camera. Coupled with the fact that this smartwatch has a stylish and sophisticated design, it provides healthy competition for the ever-popular Pebble.

i'm Watch

With unmistakeable styling, the i'm Watch is a very striking addition to the smartwatch market. Whilst the firmware and software both have an unfinished feel out of the box, this can be fixed easily with updates which are released regularly. To be fair to the i'm Watch, this problem exists with most of the smartwatches available today, given the brand new nature of the technology.

Sony SM2

As the name suggests, the SM2 is the second smartwatch brought to market by Sony. Whilst initial reports had this smartwatch down as a fairly straightforward update of the original SM1, the reality is that it’s far more advanced than its predecessor. The SM2 is up there with the most advanced watches available on the market currently but only offers compatibility with smartphones on the Android platform, which will alienate iPhone and Windows Phone users.

Cookoo Watch

The Cookoo watch, designed by ConnecteDevice, works in a similar way to the Martian Smartwatch in that it controls many of the features of a smartphone. With a clear and uncluttered design, it is sure to be popular with those who like clean lines on a product, and it is the model that looks most like a traditional watch in the top five.

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