Top Tips for Freshers - From a Student Who’s Done It All

Top Tips for Freshers - From a Student Who’s Done It All


Starting a new university soon? Freshers week is one of the most nerve wracking and exciting times during university. Here are some top tips for freshers to help you enjoy the freshers experience!

Here are a few survival Tips for Freshers week:

Moving In
Some of the most wonderful friendships emerge from our time at university. Some of you may be taking the huge jump by moving away for the first time. Living in halls can be a great way to meet people you wouldn’t usually socialise with from all walks of life and nationalities. 
If you want to make your room feel more homely, try taking your favourite posters and photographs and bring your favourite coffee mug from home. 
Upon arrival, try to get involved and introduce yourself to the people that you’ll be living with. Getting there early and unpacking with the door open could be a good way to show that you’re open to talk to people ( and it’s also productive as you’ll get your room sorted). 
Don’t worry if you aren’t living in halls though, there’s still plenty of opportunities to meet people!
Get Involved
Getting involved with your students union or societies can be a great way of meeting likeminded people. Meeting new friends will just help to make the freshers experience more enjoyable for you. 
Perhaps you want to join a sports club at the University or go to a Salsa class each weekend? Most universities have a whole array of societies and clubs for you to join that will appease all personalities and interests. 
Also, don’t forget to speak to the other students on your course as these are the people you will be spending most of your time with. 

Go To Events
Usually you get a guide for freshers week in advance who tells you all the events that are going on throughout the week. These guides are brilliant at easing you into university life by showing you where to socialise, where to go and and giving you important information about your university.
One of the main parts of freshers week is the night life. There are usually lots of events to choose from and it’s probably one of the main times you’ll find time to go out this much before the work starts. Whether you drink or not, there’s plenty of places to go to in the evening that are suitable for everyone.
If you’re into late night partying, there’s a whole host of pubs and clubs in close proximity that might tickle your fancy. Alternatively, if you’re into fine dining, theatre trips and the like, there are plenty of great discounts offered to students during freshers week. So keep your eyes and ears peeled, as you won’t want to miss out!
Prepare to Study
Let’s not forget the reason you came to university in the first place, to learn. Preparation before term time is extremely advisable and it’ll also give you time to get yourself organised. Why not head down to the library and get the required books on your reading list.
Also make sure you have a notebook and pen ready for your lectures! These involve lots of notetaking. Most lecturers let you take your laptop into the lecture hall too if you find it easier to type. 
It’s important that  you’ve registered and got all the information you needed. Get your timetable, register your accommodation and also register the medical centre ( this will be your go to place when you’re ill). 

And for perhaps the most important point, don’t forget to enjoy yourself! University is widely regarded as some of the best years of your life so it’s paramount that you have fun! 
Just be yourself, be friendly and try to get involved in as many activities as possible and you are bound to have an excellent time. 
Hope you enjoyed reading these top tips for freshers and you have an awesome first week at university! For more university tips and some useful study advice, take a look around our blog today. 

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