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Top Tips for Getting that First Tattoo


Thinking about getting a tattoo? Tattoos are a very cool and popular trend these days. Getting a tattoo is a very bold decision and can be a great idea, provided it’s all planned properly! 
Take a look at our top tips to ensure it’s a positive experience:

Do Your Research
Step one:
Research, research research! Before jumping straight in the tattoo parlour with two feet, have a careful think about what you’re getting on your body. Have a little look at existing tattoo designs to get some inspiration, or maybe you already know exactly what you want! 
There are so many different designs out there you could choose from and so many resources online to give you some inspiration. My only advice is try to avoid partner names for obvious reasons. Perhaps, your ex-partner didn’t turn out to be who you first thought and having their name embroidered on your back can be a little awkward come Summer time. 
Either way, be sure to have a solid concept in mind of what you want when you talk to the tattooist. 
That brings me to step two:
Pick a trustworthy tattoo parlour/artist to give you the tattoo you deserve. Have a little look online, ask around friends to help you pick the best tattooist for you. 
Pro Tip: Don’t be put off by price. So you may have limits to how much you want to pay, but expense isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Paying a little more can mean a better design, better health and safety and generally a better experience (sounds good to me!).
Step three:
Consider Pain. Unfortunately getting a tattoo does have it’s downside, it hurts! However don’t let this put you off because the satisfaction of a good tattoo outweighs the pain. There are some areas when getting a tattoo that hurt more than others, so it’s a good idea to think about where to get your tattoo along with size and detail. Here is a pain chart that highlights which areas hurt more than others.


So you’ve decided on a design, and you’ve decided where you want to get your tattoo. Good work! The next step is to spend a period of time with your design. By this I mean, hang it on your bathroom door, put it as your phone screen saver and make sure you are able to see it every day. 
You need to be 100% sure you’re a fan of this design as it will be on your body for the rest of your days. If you’re still sure this is the right decision for you, then congratulations, it’s now time to book in your first tattoo.
Set a Date
Once you’ve decided what you want and where you want it, book the tattoo! That way you can prepare for the day and it’s almost set in stone. You can mark it on your calendar, tell your friends and just be excited about it.
Tattoo Day:
So today’s tattoo today. You will probably feel excited, nervous and anxious as you eagerly await your appointment. Heres some advice with how you can prepare for your appointment:
Have a shower, not only will it help you to relax but being clean before you get a tattoo is very important for hygiene and safety reasons.
Remember having a tattoo takes time, so make sure you eat a full meal. When you get a tattoo, eating before is very important as it gives you the energy to stay positive throughout the day. Tattooists recommend orange juice, as this gives you lots of energy and vitamin c.
Feeling nervous? Take a buddy. Having someone else there to talk to or even hold your hand will help you feel more at ease and it’ll probably make time go a bit faster. On the contrary though, don’t take an army of people with you as this could affect the concentration of the artist. 
Stay still! I personally wouldn’t recommend moving whilst getting a tattoo and i'm sure that many others wouldn’t, as those straight lines you wanted aren’t gonna be straight anymore. Try to ensure you’re in a comfortable and suitable position before the tattoo so you don’t need to move. 
After Care:
You will be instructed to care for your tattoo following tattoo day, to ensure it heals properly. Usually you’ll be given creams, but it’s important to provide daily care for your healing skin.
So there we have it, your complete guide to getting your first tattoo. Get a tattoo for yourself and forget what others think.  I hope this helped and for more interesting reads take a little look around our blog. 
Hope you enjoyed reading!
Kelly Treacher

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