Top Tips For Photography Beginners

Top Tips for Photography Beginners


A photograph captures a moment in time so we can enjoy it permanently.  Want to try your hand at photography? Whether you want to try it as a hobby or profession, you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you know how it works. We’ll make you budding photographers in no time! Read these top tips for photography beginners.

Planning & Composition
Whether you’re using a DSLR or a camera on your smartphone, it’s important to consider composition. 
Rule of Thirds
Generally when we look at things, our eyes center on something and naturally choose a focal point. The rule of thirds, essentially gives us a grid to follow when taking a photograph. It splits your photograph into 9 equal sections. Adding the rule of thirds gives us a better focal point. If you take the main element of your photo, and try to place it either on one of the lines or one of the boxes, it gives the photo a better composition and gives our viewer a main spot to focus on.
A standard photo taken at eye level makes sense right? But it’s not very creative. The angle at which you take a photo, can make all the difference. 
By applying the rule of thirds and adding perspective, already you have a much better photograph. 

Camera Settings
Whether you’re using a smartphone or a digital camera, it’s important to consider the subject matter, and think which settings will be most suitable. 
Using a smart phone, you’ll need to enable flash in darker settings. Filters just add that little extra something to your photo. 
DSLR cameras have different modes which are important to know the difference between. 
Manual- You take complete control in specifying the photo settings
Auto- The camera takes it’s best guess at how the settings should be for your photo
Programmed- Certain characteristics are pre-determined.
You can always edit your photograph using photo editing software afterwards. But it’s always nice to know what makes a good photograph in the first place right? 
Options to consider when taking a photograph include the:
Shutter speed: this determines how long the camera will be letting light in. Leaving it open for a longer time will show slow motion in a photo and leaving it a shorter time catches a singular moment.
ISO/ Exposure: Determines how sensitive the camera is to light. A lower ISO is usually better as higher exposure can make a photo look a bit grainy. 
Aperture: This setting will determine how wide the focal length and opening of your camera lens will be. A higher number setting results in a smaller hole letting light in meaning the background will be sharper and more in focus. Lower settings means that your background will be a bit more out of focus.
Share your Photographs
After a bit of trial and error and careful planning, your photos will get noticeably better. Sharing them is a great way to get the attention they deserve, and potential feedback if you’re looking for suggestions. 
Some of the most popular platforms to share photography on are:
Picasa- Picasa is an image organizer and editor. 
Flickr- Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website. It’s commonly used by researchers and bloggers to embed photos they hosted in social media and blogs.. 
Photobucket- Is pretty much the same as Flickr, along with being dedicated to the photo and video lifecycle.
Instagram- Instagram is perhaps one of the most popular. Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social media  service which allows users to share their pictures with others. 
Using hashtags # on instagram, can enhance the popularity of your photos. Adding hashtags can attract the right kind of viewers. For example if you had a photo of a particular pair of shoes you could have #converse. Try to keep hashtags to a minimum to ensure your posts are specific and relevant. 
Facebook- Everybody probably knows about facebook already! It’s a great way to share photos with your friends and you can also make your own page dedicated to your photos if you’re feeling brave. 
Well I hope these top tips for photography were helpful for you. And don’t forget to put these tips into good use and share your photos for the world to see. For more photography tips and other useful advice, take a look around our blog for more information. 

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