Top tips when using your phone abroad

Top tips when using your phone abroad


Top tips when using your phone abroad

If you’re about to jet off on an exciting gap year break or are planning a trip abroad to make the most of your half term, it’s important to think about how you’re going to use your mobile phone while you’re away. If you don’t plan your mobile usage, you may well find a nasty surprise on your bill when you get home.  

Check your tariff

Different network providers offer different deals to their customers travelling abroad. While some providers allow you to use your phone as normal in certain EU countries, others will charge you an extortionate amount for every call, text and MB of data. 

Knowing exactly how much you’ll be charged for using your phone abroad is essential if you’re going to make informed decisions about using your device affordably. 

Turn off mobile data

The cost of using the internet on your phone can quickly add up. Though most EU destinations aren’t too expensive, as soon as you leave Europe and head to Turkey, North Africa or the US, the price of accessing Facebook, Instagram and emails can quickly spiral. 

To keep costs down, turn your data roaming off before you leave the UK. 

Look out for Wi-Fi hotspots while you’re away instead of using 3G to keep your roaming charges to a minimum. 

Restrict calls

Making a phone call from abroad can be incredibly expensive. Rates vary around the world, so to be on the safe side simply avoid making any calls when possible. 

Some network providers will also charge you for listening to voicemails, so make sure you check your tariff before you leave. 


In general, it’s much cheaper to text from abroad than make phones calls. If you can text instead of phoning, you’ll keep your bill to a minimum. 

Get a local SIM card 

If you can’t bear the thought of being without 3G while you’re away, the cheapest way to access the mobile web when you’re on holiday is to buy a local SIM. 

In a lot of countries around the world, you’ll be able to buy a Pay As You Go SIM from local shops and electronics centres for very little money. This will give you affordable and stress free access to the web for the duration of your stay. Though this won’t provide you will free international calls, you can use the internet allowance on your local SIM to make Skype calls to friends and family in the UK. 

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