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Top ways to personalise your phone


Top ways to personalise your phone

For most people, their phone is like another limb. It is something that you will always have with you, and if you forget to charge it or lose it, it can feel as though you are literally missing a part of yourself. If you feel this strongly about your phone, why not personalise your phone and make it suit your personality and everything else that you walk around with all day? People generally dress and accessorise their outfits, so why not express your personality with your phone as well? Here are some of the top ways that you can personalise your phone.

Make personalised phone cases

At you don’t just choose a colour or from a series of images to find which one suits you best, you can download your own photographs, add writing, clip art images, drawings and so on to make your phone case completely unique to you. Not only this, but you don’t need to stop here, you could continue to make one for each day of the week, special occasions and so on, if you really wanted to. You can make your phone case on the website and then get it sent to you, meaning that the process is fairly simple as well.

Set your own ringtone

having a personalised ringtone isn’t just something that teenagers do any more. Because all ringtones play as actual songs now, rather than the monotone beeps of the past, you can play any of your favourite songs as your ringtone simply by downloading them as an mp3 file to your phone. You don’t have to stick to just one - why not download different songs for different people, so that you always know who is calling you without even having to get up?

Set a home screen image that you love

This could be one of your favourite photographs that you have taken yourself, a photograph of you with friends or family, or just an image which makes you happy. There are online pages dedicated to helping you to find a cool home image screen, and you are always able to change these as and when you want to.

Try a new theme

You don’t have to stick to the themes which are set out in your phone when you first get it. You can download a whole range of new, cool themes online, which will enable you to set your theme to suit the look of your phone exactly.

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