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Taking a great selfie


The Oxford English Dictionary chose it as their word of the year for 2013. Thanks to social media and the internet, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Even world leaders such as Barack Obama and David Cameron have not been immune to succumbing to this most modern of trends. This is most definitely the era of the ‘selfie’. So if you're wondering what a selfie is or ever wondered what the different types of selfies there are; the craze involves taking a photograph of yourself, usually with a smartphone, and then posting the resulting picture on your social media pages, such as Facebook or Twitter. However, as it is not always easy to take a photograph of yourself, many selfies are either truly terrible or just completely unintelligible. To rectify the quality problem, here are a few tips for taking a good selfie, as there is indeed a science to producing quality selfies.

Good Lighting

Although the cameras on today’s smartphones are of a very high quality and simply get better and better, they still do not have the same capability of capturing light that a stand-alone digital camera possesses. This makes finding the right light conditions in the first place an important consideration, particularly if you want to use the resulting image as a prop to make your own phone case. The first rule is to never take a selfie when the sun or main light source is behind you. All you will see is a face-shaped shadow!

Interesting Backgrounds

Let’s face it, selfies taken in the bathroom mirror are old-hat now and just look cheap and tacky. If you really want to impress with your selfie, include a background that will add something to your photo. Outdoor selfies, especially those taken during the summer months when nature is at its finest, can yield some pretty spectacular results. These are particularly beneficial if you want to design your own phone cases and include a self-taken image on them. If you must take one indoors, ensure there is something a little more interesting behind you than an unmade bed and a half-eaten piece of toast.

The Correct Pose

Before taking your selfie masterpiece, have a little play around with different poses to determine which ones show you off to the best advantage. Often, tilting your face slightly makes for a much more interesting and certainly more flattering photo than employing a straight-on look. Looking straight into a camera head-on is for passport photos and, let’s be honest, who actually has a passport photo that they don’t want to keep hidden from all and sundry? The craze for taking selfies is set to run for some time to come. After all, what is good enough for film stars, pop stars and politicians is good enough for the general public. Just make sure your own personal selfie does not go viral for all the wrong reasons. 

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