Turn your phone into an awesome retro console

Turn your phone into an awesome retro console


The best 5 apps for turning your phone into an awesome retro gaming console

There is no doubt that Android and iOS devices are just amazing with wide collections of games, but playing anything with a retro tinge will almost cause a frustrating gaming experience. With touch control in mind, you can enjoy state-of-the-art mobile games, but if you want to employ anything emulators, retro-style plat-formers and arcade sports, it becomes entirely a different ball game. Developers are no doubt seeking innovative ways to handle this challenge; there are some independent gadgets that will enable you to play retro-theme games.

8 Bitty Retro Gamepad

If you truly desire to play 16 or 8-bit era games through emulators, the affordable 8 Bitty Retro Gamepad is the best option. When you use this awesome Bluetooth, battery-driven-like device simply designed and suggestive of unique NES controls with right app, you are on your way for an awesome gaming experience. All you need is to get the legal right to use it on Android in your region. Key games and emulators work like magic. On iOS, it makes better gaming experience with Atari Greatest Hit package. Solidly built with minute and neat buttons, its auto-off feature prevents fast exhaustion of battery life. The only concern that you may have is with regards to compatibility. It’s simply because not all apps support iCade benchmark. It comes with a single D-pad without thumbsticks and the remaining are 3D FPS games.

Gametel Controller

Here is an affordable gadget that’s compatible with iCade standards as well as with several other devices. There are several other games that will work with the Gametel Bluetooth gamepad. With the attached handy and safe phone holder, you will surely have a great fit especially if your device is not in the line of these large phones. The shortcoming of this gadget revolves around its unstable quality coupled with lack of thumbstick controls which invariably mean you will be sticking to retro games.


The GameKlip case with PS3 Dual Shock controller is simply an austere idea to enable you mount a phone overhead a PS3 controller. This is no doubt compatible with several Android devices through an App or via cheap cable. This is not difficult to set up especially if you have a spare Dual Shock and your phone, though on the list, is equally compatible with several different versions of games. The GameKlip is pretty well-assembled and will certainly offer you a great gaming experience. The first thing to do here is to confirm the compatibility of your phone and if this is the case, it will pay to opt to separately use your controller unconnected with the phone stand.

Wii Remote

It is amazing to find out that many Android phones are compatible with Wii Remote and WiiMote Controllers, supported well enough to enable you enjoy playing simple games or retro emulators. It’s noteworthy that not all phones, including Android 4.2 phones, work smoothly with PS3 Dual Shock controller above.

Joystick-IT Tablet Arcade Stick

You will find that several retro-themed games especially those on iPad has very simple major controls—a joystick and few buttons. With this simple and without-battery gadget, it becomes easy for you to sort at least any with physical controller. Employing Joystick is the best, elegant and affordable way to enjoy arcade games. The above great apps have enjoyed wide usage and the trend is still growing. You may give any of them a try.

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