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Waterproof your mobile phone


You could be forgiven for thinking that there is little reason to consider either purchasing a waterproof phone, or adapting your current handset to protect it from wet conditions. However, as striking and impressive as current smartphones are, they are actually quite susceptible to even the smallest amount of water damage.

Let's face it, losing your grip on your phone case before watching in horror as the handset falls perilously closer to a) the bath b) a toilet or c) a pint is not an uncommon occurrence. And on those occasions where you are not quick enough to catch the phone, you may find that it's irrevocably damaged as a result of its watery adventure. And it doesn't even have to be full on immersion to destroy the inner workings of a modern handset. Many people will have placed their handset in a pocket before being caught in a rainy shower on the way home only to find that the watery weather has left their phone less than functional. So with a view to combating these issues, what follows is a brief introduction to waterproof phones currently available in today's mobile market.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Although the S4 carries a number of features that make counterparts in the same range popular – such as a super-fast processor and ultra-bright display – it is its innovative active design that sets it apart. Sportily crafted phone cases alongside dustproof features and cameras that work under water are some of the things that make the S4 stand out when it comes to waterproof handsets. Indeed, as long as the rubber attachment lying beneath the back panel is completely secure the phone work just as well as any of the top smartphones up to 3 feet below water for around 30 minutes.

Sony Xperia Z

Slightly more attractive than you might expect a rightfully robust waterproof handset to be, the Xperia Z has a completely sealed body meaning that, in direct comparison to the Galaxy S4, it is less vulnerable to leaks. However, this model falls short of the S4 in almost every other category: its camera is less sharp, its processing speed is slower and its battery is less durable. By no means a bad phone, it just doesn't quite live up to the S4 when it comes to the aspects most important for a phone destined to be used in active, fast-paced and exciting environments.

Kyocera Hydro Edge

It's not a name as well-known as Samsung or as renowned as Sony, but that does not mean Kyocera don't know how to make a waterproof phone. Not only is the tough little handset easy to grip, it can boast that it is dustproof in addition to its waterproof capabilities. Perfect for the serious adventurer. Of course, it's not just hard-core thrill-seekers who can benefit from investing in a waterproof or dustproof phone. The practical uses and benefits are many:

- Reading by the pool while on holiday.

- On a fishing or sailing trip.

- Relaxing on the beach.

- Chatting while in the bath.

- Easy to clean and maintain if you work in certain conditions. 

So although modern smartphones all have an element of waterproofing as part of their design, considering a separate handset or even a custom phone case to add extra protection to your current phone is well worth it.

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