Weird Facts You’re Likely To Have Never Heard Before!

Weird Facts You’re Likely To Have Never Heard Before!


Weird Facts You’re Likely To Have Never Heard Before!

There’s so many things in the world we have no knowledge on that others do, just purely because the world is a big place with lots of things within it to focus on. So here are some weird facts you’re likely to have never heard before!


Dot-to-dot In The Sky?

Blue sky with clouds

How many times have you  looked up at the sky for a good while and started paying attention to smaller details to see small white dots floating around in the sky? Just like me you could’ve have all sorts of thought processes on it but the widely known phenomenon managed to grab hold of the nickname “blue-sky sprites”, but don’t worry, you’re not going crazy, you’re actually just witnessing your white blood cells moving through your eyes!

Lightening Flowers/Trees


We’ve probably all thought once or twice have happens when you’re stuck by lightening and then probably thought it was best not to know as you wouldn’t wish it to happen to anybody. Being hit by lightning causes weird skin designs called "Lichtenberg figures." named after a German physicist who discovered this skin reaction with static energy. Although it’s probably the most scariest way to receive a temporary tattoo of these intricate fern like patterns!

Some tumors grow teeth and hair 

As if it’s not scary enough anyway… these tumors are called Teratomas and are usually benign. Two of the most known and common types is a mature teratoma which is typically benign and found more commonly in women and an immature teratoma which is typically malignant and is more often found in men.

The lighter was invented before the match.



Confusing, I know… but this article explains it perfectly!


Lake Nyos, AKA Deadliest Lake In The World

Lake Nyos

(via Unites States Geological Survey)

In 1986, a volcanic lake in Cameroon, Africa exploded a C02 gas cloud that killed 1,746 people in minutes. This tragic event will forever be known as one of the strangest natural disasters in history with deeply catastrophic consequences. 

A person can spontaneously burst into flames.

Sparks from machinery

Can someone say scary? Of course there are certain characteristics and doesn’t happen very frequently, after all you would have heard about this already, so don’t worry about spontaneously combusting into flames!

A snail has about 25,600 "teeth".

Snail on tree trunk

Who knew the thought of a snail could actually be terrifying? Well in this retrospect anyway. 


Gold is edible. 

Gold jewelry

I mean in some places, people want to drown in gold so why not consume it as food too?

Sound waves can be used to make objects levitate 

Sound waves

I guess that explains how Banshee from X-Men First Class flies… imagine that though, levitating

Glowstick humans?

luminous light with person in front

Humans are bioluminescent just as all living things are. In simple layman's terms… we glow

Rain of fish

Fish everywhere


Imagine an annual weather season called "Rain of fish"  where hundreds of fish literally fall from the sky in Yoro, Honduras. Forget rain in thunderstorms, fish is the new thing to dance around in!

Human saliva = natural painkiller 

Packet of pills

 Lick your wounds and you’ll probably have a better chance at reducing your pain.Natural Human saliva contains a painkiller called opiorphin that is six times more powerful than morphine, who ever said we need painkillers again?


Flamingos are pink becasue…?

Pink flamingos

Flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp. Likewise, if you eat too many carrots you can become orange, guess you don’t need to go get fake tan ever again. 


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