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Welcome to a world through Glass


Google Glass is an innovative new product from Google, which is designed to give you instant access to information anywhere and everywhere without you having to lift a finger. Google Glass is a small screen that is worn in front of your eye like a single-lens pair of glasses. It has a built-in camera that can watch what you are doing and provide detailed information about where you are, and what you need to know, at any time. Google Glass can be controlled verbally or by hand movements. If you want to take a photo, simply say “Take a picture”, or if you want to find out information about a particular place or event, simply say “OK Glass, Google the height of the Empire State building”. It’s as easy as that. Google Glass will give you your Twitter feed right in front of your eyeballs. It has built-in voice and video recording and an always on Internet connection. Instead of needing to dig out your phone to look things up, you can enjoy hands-free Internet access.

Customise Easily

Just as you can customise your phone with phone cases and wallpaper, you can customise your Glass by choosing a different colour, and you can change some settings in Glass itself too. Currently, there are only a handful of styles available, but they look good for people wearing normal glasses and as a simple eyewear accessory for people without glasses too.

Privacy Concerns

The one thing that is hindering the adoption of Google Glass, other than the price, is the privacy concerns that come with it. Glass is a very sophisticated piece of hardware with an Internet connection, location tracking and a camera. There are many people who do not feel comfortable with the thought that they could be being recorded anywhere and everywhere when they are in a public place. Google Glass could be combined with facial recognition to allow a complete stranger to find out your name, get links to your social media profiles, and even view your Foursquare check-in habits. Google doesn’t directly support this sort of thing, but we can be certain that creative developers will write such an app when Glass takes off. Whether you want to use Google Glass is a personal decision. It’s certainly a cool piece of technology, and it offers a lot of benefits to those who wear it. If you are concerned about privacy, the best thing to do is lock down your social media profiles and be careful about what you share online. You can do a lot to manage your digital footprint, and the less you share, the harder it will be for other people to track you down online, Glass or no Glass. Welcome to the future!

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