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Welcome to Vine - home of beautiful videos


Vine is a social media video-sharing mobile app that has become immensely popular. It allows users to share short videos. Videos are recorded with the phone or tablet camera, and recording is done within the app. Vine has been described as "mesmerising" by the BBC and has also caught on with companies that are interested in the app's marketing potential.

What is Vine?

Vine is owned by Twitter, and in many ways it is like a video-based version of their popular social media platform. It allows videos of up to six seconds to be recorded and shared with the world. The six second limit forces users to be succinct and focussed in what they get across, in much the same way as Twitter's 140 character limit for written posts. Originally, Vine was released only for iOS. However, versions of the app have since followed for platforms based on Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone and HTML5.

How do you use Vine?

Vine is not used to upload videos you have stored on your device or find on the internet. Videos are recorded within the app for immediate sharing. Users also have their own profile, allowing them to network socially with other users and see all of a person's uploads in one place along with their vital information. Recently, the option to have a custom URL for your profile was added. If you particularly like one user's uploads, you can follow that user. This works in a similar way to following posts on Twitter, allowing you to see their new uploads in a news feed.

Who Uses Vine?

Vine is used by a huge range of ordinary users. When it comes to sharing videos for fun and for social purposes, people of all ages and walks of life have adopted Vine. It is the most popular video sharing app on the market, and in April 2013 it attained the top spot in the iOS's app store's list of most-downloaded free applications. It has also been used by marketers who have seen the benefits of sharing promotional videos with the app. This approach has been adopted by a number of major companies with big marketing campaigns, such as Columbia Records. Vine has even been adopted by journalists. In 2013, the app was used by a Turkish journalist to record scenes in the aftermath of a suicide bombing.

Who Should Use Vine?

Vine is a fun way to create and share content and to network online. Anyone with an interest in creating short videos or who feels like they have something to say could benefit from using Vine. The platform can be used to share videos that are funny, interesting, thought-provoking, or have a strong moral message. As videos must be recorded within the app, using Vine will often involve taking your device out and about. As such, it is important to make sure your device is properly protected. There are a wide range of protective phone cases, including personalised phone cases, available to help keep your device safe.

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