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What can you do with an old tablet or iPad?


It has been just over three years since Apple unveiled the original iPad, with many sceptics wondering whether or not this oversized phone would ever take off. Now tablet sales are huge and many different manufacturers have entered the market.

Given that the tablet market is maturing in the UK, with new devices being launched in quick succession, many consumers now upgrade their tablet with the same regularity as they do their smartphone, with a fresh purchase made once every 12 to 24 months.

This kind of turnover means you may have at least one old tablet or iPad lying around at home. And while mobile phones can be tucked in a drawer, tablets are a bit harder to store without causing a lot of clutter. If you also have old tablet cases and other accessories.


The most efficient way to free up space at home by moving on from an old tablet is to pass it on to someone else who needs it more than you. This could be a family member, a friend or indeed anyone who you think is worthy of taking it off your hands. If you are in a position to invest in a new tablet then you can probably al

so afford to give away your old one, which might be a nice gesture to consider.


Tablets are worth a lot of money, so for practical purposes it might be worth selling your unwanted gadgets and even the personalised tablet cases which you may have purchased to the highest bidder. Popular sites such as eBay are regularly used by tablet owners to sell their products, or you could head to a high street outlet such as CEX or Cash Recycle if you want to get cash for your tablet.


The most environmentally responsible option aside from re-using or reselling your tablet is to recycle it. There are a number of major recycling websites available to people in the UK which will buy old smartphones and also tablets so that you can unburden yourself and get some money in return. Firms such as Mazuma Mobile and Fone Bank offer recycling facilities for everything from the iPad to the Google Nexus 7. You should also be able to use the sites operated by these companies to check up on the price you can expect to get when you choose to recycle it. You could get a bit more from a private buyer, but the convenience offered by recycling companies can be preferable. Remember to compare prices before you commit so that you get the best deal for your old tablet.

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