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What Phone Case Material is Best?


What Phone Case Material is Best?

Sound system, camera, personal assistant and entertainment unit, these days our mobiles are much more than just phones. Protecting them from everyday wear and tear doesn’t just help them to look good, it will also help them to keep working perfectly for longer.

The best way to stop your phone from becoming damaged is to place it in a protective case. Strong, stylish and secure, phones cases can help you to keep your smartphone scratch and scuff free.

When selecting a case for your phone, you’ll have a variety of materials to choose from. Here’s a quick run down of what’s available to help you decide which style of case is best for you and your mobile mate.


Tough, durable and versatile, polycarbonate is a fantastic material for phone cases of all sizes.

Ultra lightweight, polycarbonate can be made as thin as 2mm, ensuring that your case doesn’t detract from the slimline quality of your phone.

Easy to customise, polycarbonate is the perfect choice for people who want to retain the look and feel of their smartphone while protecting it from knocks, scratches and dust.


Stylish and sophisticated, a leather case will add an eye-catching professional touch to your phone.

Available in a range of colours, leather is more flexible than - though not as thin as - polycarbonate and offers the same protective qualities as the synthetic material.

Over time leather will begin to age, giving your phone case an attractive vintage look. If you want your phone case to look brand new for years to come, durable polycarbonate may be a better choice, but for the distinguished gentleman to the discerning businessperson a leather case is a must-have accessory.

Moulded plastic

Last but not least, moulded plastic is another popular choice for smartphone owners looking to add a customized touch to their case.

Designed to wrap fully around your phone, these robust cases are made from injection moulded plastic, ensuring that the case’s contours align perfectly with the streamlined silhouette of your phone.

Like all smartphone cases, moulded plastic cases have been designed to fit seamlessly with your phone. The spaces for your headphone jack, charger port and speakers will line up perfectly with the relevant parts of your phone, ensuring that your device works perfectly even with its tough, protective exterior.

Whichever material you choose for your phone, you’ll be able to customise details of its design to suit your style. From adding photos to creating an eye-catching graphic, you can alter your case to suit your look perfectly.

Get in touch with Mr. Nutcase today and choose a case that suits you and your lifestyle and be smart with your smartphone!

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