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What Samsung Has That Apple Doesn't


Since the iPhone first hit the market way back in 2007, other phone manufacturers have been clamouring to catch up and compete with the technology giant. Many feel that the only brand that’s come close is Samsung.

In fact, Samsung have actually sold more handsets than Apple, though the South Korean conglomerate doesn’t quite make as much cash from their multiple sales.

Offering a wide range of features, elegant designs and affordable pricing, Samsung’s smartphones have been giving Apple a run for their money. But just what has Samsung got that Apple doesn’t and should you make the switch?

Easy contactless payments

Though both Samsung’s and Apple’s most recent generation of smartphones allow contactless payments to be made, the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge can be used in any shop with a credit card reader using Samsung Pay.

Apple Pay on the other hand can only be used in shops that have near field communication enabled.

Fast charging

As they act as our phones, cameras, maps, social network hubs and have become the Swiss Army knives of telecommunications, it’s no surprise that the batteries on our smartphones are drained throughout the day. To help users get the most out of their phones, Samsung have made it so that their newest smartphones charge incredibly fast.

According to the telecommunications company, the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge will last for up to four hours after being charged for just 10 minutes, something that the iPhone can only aspire to compete with.

Colour coordinated contacts

Samsung’s phones allow users to allocate a different colour to each of the contacts in their phone book. When the contact calls, the phone lights up with their assigned colour. The iPhone has no colour coded equivalent.

Camera tracking

If you’re a smartphone photographer, the impressive credentials of Samsung’s latest offerings could be for you.

Unlike the iPhone, the camera on the Galaxy S6 can be launched by simply tapping the home button twice. What’s more, when it’s in action, the device tracks the subject of your shot, ensuring that you never lose focus and get a great image every time.

Removable battery and micro SD card slot

The iPhone has always featured a completely sealed case. Though this makes for an elegant design, it means that users wanting to replace an old battery or add extra storage to their device have to pay a specialist to make the upgrades for them.

Samsung users on the other hand can simply buy a new battery or invest in a larger micro SD card and install them themselves.

Whether you’re team Samsung or team Apple, Mr Nutcase can help you to create a stylish and eye-catching case for your new device, ensuring that it will stay looking good and working well for as long as possible.

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