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What to do if your smartphone gets wet


We all know that sinking feeling. Watching your beloved handset gently float to the bottom of your toilet, bath or pint is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to a smartphone owner. Though some phones may not survive their watery dip, if you act fast and take the appropriate steps as quickly as possible, there’s a chance that your phone will live to fight another day. 
Turn it off
If your handset didn’t turn itself off, you need to make sure you power it down as quickly as possible. This will help to prevent further damage to your phone and could make the difference between your smartphone living and dying. 
Remove the case
Though a case will help to protect your phone in the event of spills and light rain, if your phone goes for a swim, the case could trap water, keeping your phone wet longer than necessary. To prevent this, take the case off as quickly as possible, leaving your phone somewhere bright and airy to dry off. 

Keep it off
However much you may want to check Whatsapp or take a snap on your smartphone, resist the temptation to turn your phone on for as long as possible. Ideally you should leave your device off for around a week. Only then should you try to switch it on once more. 

To rice or not to rice?
If you ask the internet what you should do if your phone gets wet, you’ll probably come across lots of people telling you to submerge your handset in raw rice for a week to help it dry out. Other versions of this technique involve couscous and silica. 
Though some people may think this helps, tests have shown that covering your phone in an absorbent material doesn’t actually make any difference. 
The chances are, your phone will dry out just as well if you place it in a sunny spot away from the kitchen or bathroom. 

Turn it on
After a week or so, it’s time to turn your phone on. Your battery may have depleted in the meantime, so start by plugging in your charger. If your handset comes back to life, you’re lucky. There’s a good chance that your phone will recover at least partially, giving you a little more time with your precious handset. 
However, if your phone screen remains empty and black, or if it comes on and starts flashing or glitching, then its days may be numbered. The chances are that it won’t fully recover from its ordeal and you’ll need to invest in a new handset. 
To find out more about caring for your phone, have a look around our blog today.

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