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What To Get The Man That Has Everything | 5 Unique Ideas


Buying gifts for men can seem difficult. Whether they appear to have everything or they simply can’t make up their mind, shopping for men is no easy task. So why not use our guide to take out the stress of gift buying on this special occasion? Whether you are looking for a unique birthday present for your dad, a special christmas present for your brother or a congratulations gift for your partner, we’ve found something for everyone! So here’s exactly what to get the man that has everything this year:

1. A day trip

If the lucky man already has everything, then why not surprise him by getting him something intangible? This way, you can ensure your gift is something he doesn’t already own. Day trips are a great way to show your loved one just how much they mean and allow you to make great memories whilst doing so! Perhaps he’s always wanted to go up the London Eye or visit the peaceful cotswolds, take a tour around the Harry Potter studios or visit one of the UK’s largest markets. Either way, you can tailor your day trip to perfectly suit the recipient. Even if they haven’t expressed an interest in visiting some of these great places, you can surprise him by taking him somewhere you just know he’ll love!

Day trip

2. A personalised phone case

But what do you get the man that has everything if you want to buy him something tangible? A personalised phone case of course! Personalised gifts are a great way to show the recipient just how much they mean and showcase some of your favourite memories together. Putting so much thought into a gift can make it seem that extra bit special, no matter how big or small. So why not use your favourite photos together and create a unique case for their phone? You could even use photos of the family or maybe an image of the first time you met. The options are endless! Personalised phone cases don’t have to break the bank either. In fact, you can pick one up here for £14.95.
personalised phone case

3. Tickets to a show

Just like a day trip, tickets to a show are a great way to ensure you get the recipient something he doesn’t already have. Theatre shows make particularly good gifts. With so many new shows being put on everyday, you’ll easily find a show they’ll love. You don’t even have to take the trek all the way to London. Plenty of shows are touring the country, so just check your local theatres online. Other great ticket ideas can include comedy gigs and music concerts which always go down well. If the gift is for a really special occasion, you could even make a day of it by taking them for dinner before hand or booking them into a hotel over night. 

 4. A Personalised MacBook case

Personalised gifts don’t have to stop at phone cases. In fact in this age, you can personalise just about anything - including MacBook cases. MacBook cases are great for the guy who is a tech lover. After all, they’d probably be grateful of having a way to keep one of their most prized possessions safe. Just like with a personalised phone case, you can personalise a MacBook case using your favourite photos together or create a design using some of their favourite images. With so many design options available, it’s easy to create something they’ll love. Although personalised MacBook skins are widely available, these MacBook hard cases are particularly great and retail at just £39.95.
Macbook case

5. Gift Cards

If the man in question really does have everything, then why not get him some gift vouchers and let him decide what to buy? This way, you’re guaranteed to not get it wrong.  Vouchers for their favourite shop are always a great idea. Clothes stores, music shops or even online retailers, you can buy gift cards for just about anywhere. If you aren’t sure what stores they like to shop in, you can buy gift vouchers that cater for a variety of shops, so the recipient gets to decide where the money is spent - awesome!
gift card
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