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What your phone type says about you?


With the number of adults in the UK accessing smartphone technology higher than ever, more and more organisations are trying to pinpoint personalities to the choice of handset we make. You may think it sounds ridiculous, but research is research and the results tell us more than you might think…

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It's all about me, me, me for iPhone users

The most popular of all the smartphone brands, Apple's iPhone remains the handset of choice for the majority of UK users. But did you know that iPhone owners are quite likely to spend a large chunk of their time taking so-called selfies? Indeed, research shows that iPhone users are the most likely of all smartphone owners to spend money on clothes and personal appearance. Not only that, if you own an iPhone – on which people spend an average of four hours, yes four hours, a day – you consider yourself more attractive than Blackberry or Android users.

Blackberry equals busy bees

While iPhone users are busy flirting and socialising their way through life, their Blackberry counterparts are earning big money and choosing personalised phone cases adorned with graphs and growth projections as opposed to 'selfies'. In fact, 10% of Blackberry owners earn over £50,000 a year which perhaps explains why the handsets are so regularly used for sending e-mails, making calls and responding to messages. But all that hard work means keeping energy levels up; Blackberry users are somewhat addicted to caffeine with their coffee and tea intake topping that of any other smartphone owners.

Apps and Android go hand in hand

Most likely to work in engineering, public services and the government, Android owners are organised, good-mannered and relaxed according to research undertaken. In addition to this, Android owners love embracing smartphone technology, accessing the most apps across the three brands. They have also found a niche amongst older consumers, with 25% of retirees who own a mobile phone choosing an Android handset. And this relaxed and mature image is further reflected in the most popular hobbies of Android owners – wine drinking and TV watching. Of course, as much as the research tells us no one can truly be defined by their choice of smartphone. But industry experts do place a lot of value on customer profiling, saying: "Many of us have our mobile phones on us almost constantly so they do become an extension of us in many ways. It's interesting to see then how the choice in handset may reflect different aspects of personality and the results do reveal some quirky differences. Of course, simply buying a certain type of phone doesn't mean your personality or way of living immediately changes, but the results could suggest that certain types of personality are drawn to different features and functions of certain handsets."

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