Which is the best type of iPad case to buy for protection?

Which is the best type of iPad case to buy for protection?


Which is the best type of iPad case to buy for protection?

If you’ve recently invested a few hundred pounds in a brand new iPad, the last thing you’ll want is for it to be scratched, dented or dirtied. Affecting its value and potentially shortening its lifespan, accidental damage is bad news for your Apple sidekick.

The best way to protect your iPad from knocks, spills and bumps is to keep it in a protective case. At Mr Nutcase, we have a fantastic choice of cases many of which can be customised to suit your style and your reflect your requirements.


One of the best choices for those wanting to protect their iPad from scrapes and scratches, without losing its elegant appearance and streamline contours, is the polycarbonate case.

Ultra lightweight, this slim line case is just 2mm thick and incredibly strong. Sleek and slender, this stunning product will help to keep your iPad safe from harm and prevent dust from damaging any of its sensitive components.

To make your case really says something about you, customise it with one of your favourite photos or designs. With a wide variety of templates available on the Mr Nutcase site, it’s easy to find a design that suits your style perfectly - whether its a cute snap of the kids or an adorable pic of a pug!


A fantastic option for anyone looking for a unique and stylish Christmas (that’s right we said Christmas!) or birthday present, a leather flip case will give your device a professional look while protecting it from accidental damage.

With better shock absorption qualities than polycarbonate, leather is perfect for anyone prone to dropping their phone or knocking it off high surfaces. The high quality case will act as a sort of helmet for your device, cushioning the fall and helping to limit the severity of the damage done.

Like polycarbonate cases, leather flip cases can be customised using the digital photos from your computer. Simply upload your favourite snaps to the Mr Nutcase site, drag them into your chosen template and you’re ready to go - again showcasing your Kodak moments with the kids or still perfect for pugs!

Moulded plastic

Though moulded plastic covers are available for smartphones and some other devices, the material is generally not available for tablet computer cases.

With all of the cases available from the Mr Nutcase site offering high levels of protection, any material that you choose will help to keep your iPad safer for longer.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a new look for your iPad or you’re searching for a thoughtful gift for a loved one, why not take a look at the exciting choice of available designs and start creating a unique, personalised case - from sentimental to stylish and functional to festive!

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