Why being left-handed isn’t so bad after all...

Why being left-handed isn’t so bad after all...


Why being left-handed isn’t so bad after all...

There’s being left handed, right handed or some lucky enough to be both (ambidextrous). So it sucks to be left handed right? I mean you know you’re always gonna have that ink smudge on your hand whenever you write anything, video game controllers are almost unplayable and don’t even get me started on trying to use a pair of scissors.  Not fair at all. 

There is even some slight evidence suggesting that right handed people may even outlive left handed people, with studies showing that lefties are more prone to accidents.  But don’t worry though, although the world might be upside down to some of us, I’d definitely take this study with a pinch of salt. 

Anyway all the negativity aside, being left handed is actually pretty cool, it has in fact got it’s perks. Why you ask? 

We’re more creative

There is more to it than just defining the hand you write with. For example, when you are left handed, as odd as it sounds, you are wired up to the right side of the brain?! This is the more artistic half (the best half), which makes lefties generally more creative, imaginative and emotional. About 10% of the population is left handed (so we’re quite a rare bunch).

Naturally with being the most creative, more left handed people tend to go on to pursue creative careers.

We’re intelligent

As a bonus though, being left handed gives you a better chance of having a high IQ. Researchers discovered that as well as being creative, lefties are also incredibly intelligent. 20% of members using Mensa ( an IQ testing website), are left handed. 

According to research using your non dominant hand is supposed to exercise the other part of your brain so if you’re right handed, using your left hand could make you smarter. There was a test in which psychiatrists from Athens  invited university students and graduates to take tests of cognitive ability. The results showed left handed people to have better memories, and better spatial skills. So all in all lefties can be pretty clever!

We’re sporty

If you are left handed and you like sports you will go far. It is suggested that if you are left handed you are usually better with: boxing, fencing, swimming, baseball, tennis among other sports. For example, 7 of the 16 top world fencers are left-handed. Also almost 40% of the top tennis players are lefties. 

Studies have also shown that in the underwater world, left handed people will adjust to seeing it a bit quicker than right handed people. 

Don’t forget...

If you are now slightly proud of being left handed, there is even a day to celebrate it. International Left Handers Day is on August 13th. The day is intended to raise awareness of the struggles us lefties have living in a right-handed world. 

On the day right handed people are encouraged to try and use their non-dominant hand to perform simple tasks to experience what it’s like living in a world designed for righties.

So there you go, being left handed isn’t so bad after all. Yes, we have to live with inky hands and will probably lose to you at FIFA but we’re also proud of our goofiness and our unique ways!

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