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Unique Gift Ideas With Mr Nutcase


We have a huge range of customised gifts to choose from that are fit for every occasion. We pride ourselves in our ability to stock high quality, affordable gifts that . At Mr Nutcase, we believe in personalisation. Because with personalisation, you can tailor your gift to your recipient which makes it that extra bit special and unique. Our products range from personalised champagne bottles all the way to

personalised mugs and with everything else in between.


At Mr Nutcase, we've got a whole range of unique gift ideas that are bound to put a smile on the faces of the ones you love. With hundreds of gifts to choose from over a range of categories, we've got the perfect gift for even the toughest of recipients. Whether it's a Christmas present for your dad, a birthday present for your friend or perhaps, you're shopping for the perfect engagement present, we've got you covered.

Have a look around our website today and see which unique gift ideas take your fancy. 


At Mr Nutcase, we've got a number of gifts that are suitable for all occasions. If you're searching for something specific, then we've probably got it. Our new custom gifts range has you covered with Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements and many more special times of the year. We've got personalised activity books for the kids at Christmas, personalised bottles of bubby for dad on his birthday

and even a set of personalised golf tees for grandad for his retirement present. 


As with all of our products, they can be personalised so that they are unique to the recipient. Using our online design editor, you can add your own photos to certain products and we'll turn your design into the real thing. Or if you're looking for a more specific gift, then browse our extensive range of gift categories where you can add the recipients name and a personal message.

We've got gifts that are suitable for any recipient and occasion so you're sure to find something extra special for your loved ones.