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If you have any queries about the methods of payment we take please contact us at


At Mr Nutcase we also offer an alternative secure payment method through Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay this way so you will not need to register for one if you don't already have one. Paypal offers a quick and secure way to pay online. Although it is advised you create an account to enable the benefits of signing up with PayPal, such as buyer protection and faster checkout next time without the need to enter your card details again. Our invoicing and backorder systems with PayPal work differently from our other payment methods. Our returns system is slightly different, we can only refund you for the items rather than swap them.

International Customers

Important information on currency fluctuation's

Note to PayPal Customers.

When Mr Nutcase refunds customers we process the amount in GBP at the price the case was originally sold for. From the time the case was originally purchased to the time the refund is processed the currency may well have fluctuated up or down. We sincerely apologise but unfortunately we are unable to adjust the amount.

When paying through PayPal the total order amount will be paid for immediately at checkout when you commit to buy. The items are then be despatched when we process the order. If items are out of stock we will aim to despatch them as soon as possible once they are back in stock. The same applies for any back orders that are created due to out of stock items within a larger order. Any cancelled orders will be refunded as quickly as possible. Any returns will always be charged back to your original payment method.

More information on setting up a Paypal account can be found on the official Paypal website.

It is simple to place an order through Paypal. Add your items to the basket as you normally would and checkout in the usual way by following the on screen instructions. Select Paypal as the payment method on follow the on screen instructions.

You will be redirected to the Paypal site where you will be asked to choose the Paypal funding source. Once you have done this you need to click on the 'Pay now' button and you will return to the Mr Nutcase site. Paypal then charge you for the order total and pay the amount to Mr Nutcase. You are not charged an administration fee for using this service. If the order is successfully created you will be redirected to a thank you page showing your order number and items ordered.

You will then receive two emails, one from PayPal to confirm your payment and one from Mr Nutcase to confirm your order.

If you are redirected to an error page or do not receive an email to confirm your order from Mr Nutcase then it is likely your order did not process properly, please email us at Please also contact us if you have received an email from Paypal to confirm payment but have not received an email from Mr Nutcase so we can check your order for you.

Changing your PayPal order

It is possible to change an item you have ordered if you discover it is the wrong one, however here at Mr Nutcase we try to process customer orders on the same day so you will have to get in contact quickly as we can only change an order before it has been processed after this it will unfortunately be too late. The total cost of the order cannot be greater than the total of the original order.

Any problems please contact our customer services team on

Cancelling PayPal Orders

Cancelling a PayPal order is exactly the same as cancelling any other order with Mr Nutcase.

Please note: if you are paying with PayPal and have opted not to sign up with an account, you are unable to cancel your order through PayPal. In the event you wish to cancel your order and have paid without registering a PayPal account, please contact who will be able to assist.

Unfortunately if the order has been processed we will be unable to cancel the order, we aim to process on the same day they are ordered so please get in contact as soon as possible if you have made a mistake.

PayPal Errors

Unfortunately sometimes there are problems creating or processing PayPal Orders.

Here are some of the errors that might occur while creating you order:

If using Switch/Maestro with PayPal: While you are placing your order when you are redirected to PayPal they put you in a loop asking for your card details which are already registered with them and you have used with PayPal before. Even if you re-enter the details it brings up another error message. PayPal have suggested entering the details of a different card. If you need further help with this problem please contact PayPal.

'The buyer is restricted' - PayPal have placed restrictions on your account and we are unable to proceed with your order. In this case you will need to contact PayPal to resolve this issue with them. Alternatively you may change your payment method and pay by card directly to Mr Nutcase.

'The buyer cannot pay, transaction rejected' - PayPal believes you are unable to pay for your order. Again in this case please contact PayPal. Alternatively you may change your payment method and pay by card directly to Mr Nutcase.

'The funding source is missing' - The funding source you chose to use to pay for your order is no longer connected to your PayPal account or your order. Please contact PayPal to resolve the issue. Alternatively you may change your payment method and pay by card directly to Mr Nutcase.

'Transaction refused due to risk model of the buyer' - PayPal have run a risk model against your account for security reasons and believe your account may be high risk and will not allow us to proceed with your order. Please contact PayPal to resolve this issue. Alternatively you may change your payment method and pay by card directly to Mr Nutcase.