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Personalised Tooth Fairy Story Softback Book


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Personalised Tooth Fairy Story Softback Book
A stunningly illustrated book that tells the story of what happens to your teeth when the tooth fairy collects them from under your pillow. The book also teaches children the dangers of not brushing their teeth. This enchanting tale follows a tooth fairy’s journey to Tooth Fairy Castle where all teeth are used to build the castle and make up the stars in the night sky. 
Written lovingly in rhyme with your child’s name featured throughout the book. Your little ones will have so much fun finding their name featured in the book. It is guaranteed to become a favourite story for both bedtime and playtime. This personalised Tooth Fairy Story softback book comes with a purple velvet pouch for your children to place their teeth within to send them off to the tooth fairy.

The Design Process: 
When it comes to designing your personalised copy of Tooth Fairy Story in softback, we do most of the hard work. All we need for you to do is type your child’s name and a little message into the boxes. You have a max of 12 characters for their name and 80 (2 rows of 40 each) for the message. Try to make sure you’ve checked it through for any potential errors as you don’t want your child’s name to be spelt wrong in the printed book! Don’t spell their name using only capital letters as this may be hard to read. For example, ‘Nicola’ is perfect but ‘NICOLA’ may be hard to read in our chosen font. 
Additional Information: 
-This book is A4 sized. 
-This is also available in hardback.

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