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The Princess Who Always Did the Opposite Hardback


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The Princess Who Always Did the Opposite Hardback
This magical fairytale tells the story of a Princess who lives with the Queen and King in a castle. But their life isn’t as lovely and simple as you might think. This particular little Princess does the complete opposite of what she is told. This story follows the Princess as she goes on a journey to deliver a really important message from the King. You can probably guess how this might unfold! As you follow her journey along the way you will meet a fairy godmother, a wicked wizard and a cute, friendly dragon. Your little one is sure to enjoy this lovely fairy story. This hardback book will teach your child polar opposite words such as ‘tidy’ and ‘messy’, and ‘big’ and ‘small’ in a humourous way. You will be able to personalise this book with a personal message and your child’s name.
The Design Process:

Designing your hardback The Princess Who Always Did the Opposite book could not be more simple. All you’ll need to do is enter your child’s name and the personal message into the correct boxes and we’ll do the rest for you. You’ll have a maximum of 12 characters for their name and 2x40 characters for the personal message so you’re better off trying to keep it as short and sweet as possible. Try to check any spellings, punctuation and capitalisation because once you have confirmed your order, this can not be changed. You’ll be able to see a preview of what the book will look like before you commit to going through the checkout.  
Additional Information:
-This book measures 29.7 x 21 cm.
-All pages are in full colour.
-Accents and other symbols can not be printed.
-Due to a stylised font being used, please refrain from typing your child’s name in block capitals. For example, write ‘Nicola’ instead of ‘NICOLA’.
-The book will be sent in protective packaging to avoid damage during transit.

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